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Safety wear and protective clothing

There are a wide range of different types of personal protective equipment for those people who work in industry. Some of these different types are explained in a little more detail below.

Safety goggles

Safety goggles should always be worn when there is the potential for damaging a person’s eyes. Thus may be worn due to the person using a power drill or it may be due to the person handling a corrosive liquid where splashes may occur.

Safety gloves

When you come into contact with contaminants or there is a risk your hands could be exposed to a hazardous substance, you should always wear safety gloves. Disposable gloves are the most commonly used type, but there are also gloves which can protect the wearer’s hands from damage caused by abrasions.

Protective overalls

When a person may come into contact with a hazardous liquid or substance in their line of work, they may have to wear coverall which protect their whole body from coming into contact with a contaminant. The coverall can be worn over a person’s regular workwear and keeps the worker from coming into contact with a dangerous substance.

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