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Safety dispensing cans

Spill prevention is extremely important in any industrial environment. In a factory, many different types of liquids are used on a daily basis, some hazardous, some not. For all these liquids a safe method of containment should be put into place and a safe system of liquid distribution adopted to prevent spills.

If you only use a small amount of liquid at a time, a good idea is to use small safety dispensing cans. Safety dispensing cans come in a few types including:

• Bench cans

• Plunger cans

Bench cans

Bench cans have an ingenious mechanism that is pushed down so dispensing the desired liquid, such as a cleaning solution, onto a cloth. The spring loaded plate also acts as a fire arrestor when the lid is not on so vapours cannot escape. The cans feature safety stickers and are made out of stove enamelled tern-plate.

Plunger cans

Plunger cans work in a similar way to bench cans, but dispense a metered amount of liquid at a time. They only release liquid when the plunger is pressed and any extra is drawn back into the can when the plunger rises. Therefore the possibility of ignition of any flammable liquid is minimised. These cans can also be operated using a one-handed action.

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