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Sack trucks and pallet trucks

Every industrial site has to take delivery of the products it uses safely and securely. These products usually arrive in a bulk format and have to be transported to different parts of the factory, where they can be used in different applications.

Liquid containers and oil drums can be especially awkward to handle, as can palletised goods, which need some sort of lifting equipment to move them to their designated location.

Pallet trucks

Hand operated pallet trucks are a common site in any factory. They are easy to operate and easy to use, making them perfect for moving palletised goods from one location to another. A pallet truck will usually use a hand pumped hydraulic lift to raise the pallet from the ground, and then using the handle, the pallet can be pulled or pushed around the factory.

Sack trucks

Sack trucks are a simple yet effective way to transport goods around the factory. The trucks can be pushed or pulled and some trucks have multiple wheels fitted so they can be pulled up or down stairs if needed.

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