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Rubber floor matting

In industry where many different types of liquids and compounds are used, it’s often the case that a suitable floor surface must also be used to prevent slips and trips. Rubber matting is designed to reduce the aches and pains associated with a person standing on a solid floor for long periods and can reduce slips and trips and hence create a safe environment in which to work.

Most rubber mats are made from nitrile, cell vinyl and SBR rubbers which have excellent non-slip properties.

Anti-fatigue matting

For persons who have to stand in one position for any length of time whilst at work, anti-fatigue matting is an excellent solution. The matting has a cushioned surface which promotes user movement, reducing the chance of the person developing a work related injury or strain. The matting is available in a range of sizes and colours so can fit into any space you have.

Industrial anti-slip matting

The reduction of slips and trips in the workplace is imperative in environments in which a worker could be significantly injured were they to fall to the floor. It’s a proven fact that slips, trip and falls account for over a third of all accidents on industrial premises, but these figures can be reduced if matting were more readily available. Some industrial matting is designed to be used in switch rooms or where any high voltage may present a hazard to a worker.

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