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Rotary and siphon pumps

If you use drums or IBCs at your industrial site, you will need a way to pump liquid from these containers into other vessels. Drum pumps are the perfect device to use here. However, which drum pump should you use?

Drum pumps come in types such as:

• Level operated pumps

• Rotary pumps

• Siphon pumps

• Electric pumps

Rotary drum pumps

Rotary drum pumps are an excellent way to remove stored liquid from a drum. They pump 0.4 litres per revolution and are suitable for all petroleum products when the container is suitably earth bonded. The rotary action is easy to operate and the pump is robust and durable.

Siphon drum pumps

Siphon pumps can be used on almost all liquids including solvents and acids and are virtually corrosion proof. The pumps are available in 25 litre and 210 litre pumping capacities and as long as the fluid receptacle is at a lower level than the fluid in the container, no further effort to pump is required.

Moving liquid from one container to another needs to be done in many industrial applications, but if you have the right equipment, it can be done really easily.

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