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Rock salt suppliers

Many people have to work outside, even during inclement weather. However, when the weather is icy and snowy, working outside can be extremely dangerous. When the ground is covered with a layer of snow or ice workers need to make sure they stay safe, and the best way an industrial site can make provision for this, is by using de-icing products, such as rock salt spreaders and de-icing equipment.

Most industrial sites have an on-site supply of rock salt which they can use on outside areas, such as around loading bays, when the weather is icy. Most firms simply shovel the rock salt onto areas which need to be treated, which is a laborious and time consuming process. However, if you use a rock salt spreader, the salt can be evenly distributed across the area and the amount released adjusted by a quantity discharge regulator.

Because the rock salt is evenly spread across the site there will be no wastage of this valuable winter commodity.

You can use rock salt spreaders to de-ice pavements, remove snow from car parks and keep your employees safe this winter.

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