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Rock salt spreaders and hoppers

Working in freezing conditions can be extremely hazardous, especially when the ground is covered in a layer of snow and ice. Most industrial sites have external storage bays or goods inward bays where trucks or vans can enter the site through a roller shutter door so they can deliver high cost or sensitive items.

Working in and around these areas needs to be done safely, but if there is a hazard such as snow or ice just outside the loading bay, it can make moving vehicles between these areas extremely difficult.

Most industrial sites now have a stock of rock salt which can be used in icy conditions. Rock salt is easy to spread using push along rock salt spreaders, as the salt is just shovelled into a hopper and then spread evenly across the desired area by the hopper discharge, which can be adjusted by a quantity discharged regulator. If you use a rock salt hopper to spread the salt, you will also get an even coverage and no excess salt will be used, so there will be no wastage of this valuable winter commodity.

Rock salt spreaders are also useful to clear snow and ice from pavements, your car park and clear a route for your employees to enter their place of work safely.

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