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Risk assessments and spill training

All employers need to assess the potential for risk in every job that their employees do. COSHH regulations make every site which uses dangerous materials perform a risk assessment on using that substance, even if it is used infrequently.

It’s actually law that companies who have more than five staff need to perform a risk assessment before any of these hazardous materials can be used. Companies with fewer than five members of staff still need to be aware of the potential risk to employees however, and have to make some form of note of the steps they have taken to reduce the risk of exposure to employees. Many companies haven’t done anything like this before, so the HSE have laid out steps to follow on their website.

It’s always worth asking the supplier of your dangerous goods or substances if they have the relevant information about the substance, as this can play a major role in completing your risk assessment. You can then work out a schedule of work if any employee needs to come into contact with this substance. This may necessitate some sort of training need, such as spill control training, so employees know what to do if an accident happens.

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