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Rehabilitation of wildlife takes place after oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

BP is working closely with various companies after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to rehabilitate wildlife back into its natural habitat.

As well as working closely with Sea Turtle rehab and care at the Louisiana aquatic centre and the Fort Jackson oiled bird rehabilitation centre, BP also has a contract with Tri-State Bird and Rescue.

Injured or oiled birds can be reported to the Tri-state Bird and Rescue Centre who will recover the birds and clean and release them. People are encouraged to phone the freephone number and not attempt to clean or rehabilitate the birds themselves.

BP has also set up The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative which it hopes will be able to assess the damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon spill over the next 10 years. As part of a $500m commitment to the affected region, BP will look at how the disaster has impacted on the environment and how it can improve remediation technologies to help future recovery processes.

BP is still continuing to use spill containment and clean-up devices in the Gulf and is closely monitoring the affected areas.

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