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Prevent Flash Flooding of your property with Land Booms and Absorbent Socks

As the dismal summer continues to wreak havoc across Britain Yellow Shield is offering advice on the methods people can use to protect their home or business from the threat of flash floods.

There are two main ways that you can combat against flash floods. Principally:

Land Boom

From £25 including Free Next Day Delivery(ex VAT)*

The Land Boom is the first line of defence when it comes to repelling floodwaters. Essentially a large maintenance sock, each individual Land Boom measures 3 metres in length with a diameter of 20cm and is packed with a highly effective absorbent granule that is made from 100% recycled material. It is heavy filled to keep the Boom firmly in place in the event of a flash flood, and as exposure to the flood prolongs, the weight of the boom increases to further augment its stability.

Land Booms are designed to be as flexible as possible allowing you to position it wherever it is required should torrential rain occur. It can be shaped around the corners of buildings, or underneath gates and can be overlapped so that you can completely encircle your home or business and provide protection from flooding. Each individual boom can absorb a total of 12.5 litres of water before it will become saturated and need replacing but when compared to the amount it would cost to restore normality after a flood, the Land Boom is a low cost flood protection solution.

General Absorbent Socks

From £25.95 including Free Next Day Delivery(ex VAT)*

A secondary method you can employ to resist water from entering your property is by deploying General Absorbent Socks. Strategically placing them around the bottoms of doors and windows they can be used as an absorbent barrier to block any potential leakages that may occur during heavy driving rain. Our standard absorbent socks measure 1.2 metres in length by 8cm in diameter. Each sock is capable of absorbing 5 litres of liquid making them highly effective and economically sound leak prevention absorbents.

As the tempestuous weather continues unabated, solutions for effective flood prevention are being provided at

* Delivery surcharges may apply in certian areas click here for detail

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