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Pressure grows on BP after oil continues to leak

BP's efforts to contain the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico seem to taken a setback, after it was reported that the oil containment device currently being used was not collecting as much oil as it had previously done three days earlier.

BP has been struggling to contain the leak which started over a month ago after the Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded. They have tried to use various methods of containment but with the blow-out at a depth of 5,000ft, it is proving to be a difficult task. To date it is estimated that a quantity of oil in excess of 1million barrels has escaped from the ruptured riser pipe and the oil is now reaching the coastline on four US States.

The US government has taken a strong line with BP regarding the cleanup operation and the containment of the spill itself. Only on Saturday, US President Barak Obama said

"a breakdown of responsibility"

had led to the spill.

BP are working on a relief well which is due to be completed sometime in August, but in the meantime are working towards a short term solution to try to stem the flow of oil.

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