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Polyethylene water tanks

Water storage is critical for those industrial premises or agricultural sectors who need to store water.

Water storage tanks are available in many different types but all have to be heavy duty so are able to withstand the tough weather conditions the UK sees at all times of the year.

Polyethylene tanks are rust free and easy to maintain, which makes them popular among farming and engineering industries.

Horizontal water tanks

Horizontal water tanks usually have integrated mounting points in the base of the tank so can be fixed to a flat surface. Most of these tanks are manufactured in a colour which keeps the water cool and come with a five year guarantee.

Sump water tanks

Sump water tanks are slightly different than horizontal water tanks in terms of the way the tank is constructed. It is still made from durable polyethylene but the tank also has an integral sump allowing the tank contents to be drained easily. Sump tanks also come with galvanised steel mounting frames for ease of installation.

Flat bottom water tanks

Flat bottom water tanks are durable and robust and because they come in a range of different sizes, can fit into any space you have on site. The tanks feature access points at the top and are made from polyethylene so can be relied upon for many years.

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