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Polyethylene sump pallets

If you have intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) on site, you will need to take adequate precautions to ensure that the contents do not leak or spill and contaminate the surrounding area. IBCs are now commonly used for the storage and transportation of liquids at many sites across the UK.

IBCs usually have pallet-like bases, so that forklift trucks can easily lift and move them as necessary. However, it can be a common occurrence for the IBC to leak slightly when it is first opened or when in use. That’s why it is so important to have some sort of spill containment device under the IBC to catch any spills and prevent contamination.

IBC spill pallets fit neatly under the IBC and are designed to collect any spilled liquid from the container. The spill pallets all conform to the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and are strong enough to cope with every day industrial use.

Some IBC spill pallets come in multi-container storage options, so two or more IBCs can be stored together.

The use of IBC spill pallets can minimise the impact of any spills on the surrounding area and make spill cleaning easy and less time consuming.

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