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Polyethylene drum funnels

The safe dispensing of used or excess liquids into drums needs to be done in a manner which minimises the chance of some of the liquid being spilled. This is especially crucial when pouring hazardous liquids or chemicals. The nozzle on the drum may only be a couple of inches in diameter, so pouring the contents of your pail or other liquid containing device into the drum with any degree of accuracy can be somewhat tricky.

To solve the problem of potential spillages when pouring liquid into a drum, a drum funnel is the perfect solution. A drum funnel is a polyethylene cap which fits over the top of a 205 litre drum. It creates a large surface area, where the liquid can be poured and directs the liquid carefully into the drum nozzle. The polyethylene funnel also comes with a lid, which can be fitted in place when the drum and funnel are not being used.

Drum funnels are not just available for 205 litre drums; they’re also available for IBCs too, so you can be sure there will be no drips or spills when pouring any type of liquid.

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