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Polyethylene drum funnels

If you frequently dispose of waste liquids such as used oil into drums, you will know how messy the process can be. Care must be taken so the liquid is funnelled into the drum and not spilled. To reduce the number of spills and make the pouring of waste liquids into drums and IBCs a lot easier, polyethylene drum funnels can be used.

Polyethylene drum funnels are the perfect device to have on site to reduce the number of spills. They fit neatly onto the top of 205 litre drums or IBCs and can also be used on a number of different other liquid storage containers.

The large surface area on the top of the polyethylene funnel makes pouring waste liquids easy and because it is made in durable, hardwearing polyethylene, the funnel requires little maintenance so will have a long lifespan.

Polyethylene drum funnels are supplied with a lid that can be closed when the funnel is not in use, keeping the waste liquid safely stored. They are available in a high visibility yellow colour and a perfect alternative to the difficult to use standard funnels that many industrial sites use.

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