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Outside drip trays and plant nappies

If you use generators or pumps at your industrial site, best practices needs you to make sure that fuel spills from these devices do not make their way into the surrounding environment. Legislation is strict regarding prevention of flow of pollutants into drains or water courses, with large fines handed out if you are found doing this.

The best way to capture spills from machinery is by using a drip tray. However this can sometimes prove difficult outside, as conventional drip trays will also capture rain water and quickly overflow. Another problem with this is that any fuel/water mixture still needs to be collected and processed by a waste collection contractor, which can prove costly.

One solution that is excellent to use indoors or outdoors is the plant nappy. The plant nappy can actually filter any rainwater that enters the tray, so clean rain water can penetrate through the nappy and leave just the contaminated fuel. This means the nappy will rarely overflow and hence it can be used for a long period of time before it needs replacing. And when you use nappy liners, which can be put inside the nappy, the nappy can be used again and again, with only the liner needing replacement.

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