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OSPRAG meeting in Aberdeen

Following the devastation caused by the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, leaders of the North Sea oil industry are meeting to discuss their own disaster recovery procedures.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has now entered its eleventh week and Bp is still no nearer to a total containment solution. Various method have been used to try to contain the leak but all have so far failed, with BP’s latest attempt being another cap which is hoped to be fitted over the ruptured pipe.

As a consequence of the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico, Oil and Gas UK are holding an advisory group meeting that will include senior figures from trade unions and the government should such an event happen in the North Sea. OSPRAG – The Oil Spill Prevention and Response Advisory Group, is to hold its next meeting in Aberdeen. They will focus on areas such as national emergency measures that may need to be taken, technical problems and protection of personnel and also the spill response capabilities and remediation and also insurance requirements.

The North Sea oil industry is more tightly regulated than in other parts of the world, so a similar event is unlikely to happen in the North Sea. But if it did, it is worth knowing that strategies are currently being worked upon to ensure a rapid response.

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