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Oil well spill containment cap commissioned and ready by the end of the summer

An oil well capping device, which would be used to cap a leaking well in an emergency, will be manufactured after a collaboration between the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Advisory group (OSPRAG), BP and JP Kenny.

The spill response cap, which will be completed by the summer, will be a key component of the UK’s offshore oil and gas contingency plans.

The cap has been designed so it can be used in a wide range of spill scenarios and is easily deployable from a service vessel.

The chief executive of Oil & Gas UK, Malcolm Webb, stated:

"Having such a contingency device in the UK is important as it allows a quick response in the unlikely event of a well blowout.

"Our overriding priority remains, however, to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.

"There has not been a single blow-out in this country in over 20 years of UK offshore operations and we must ensure that it remains this way. The UK’s regulatory regime, and the safety culture it promotes within our industry, is regarded as world class."

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