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Oil tank in Malvern damaged after road accident

A road traffic accident in Malvern caused a car to leave the road and crash into a heating oil tank in a nearby garden causing the contents to be spilled.

The tank contained approximately 1,000 litres of domestic heating oil, which was spilled as a result of the accident. Although no one was injured, the fire brigade were called to the scene to deal with the huge quantity of spilled liquid. They managed to stem the leak but needed further assistance with the spill clean-up. The watch manager on duty, Saul Bolton, told the Malvern Gazette that because of the nature of the spill and the huge quantity of fuel oil that was spilled onto the ground, the Environmental Protection Unit at Evesham needed to be called.

He stated:

"While we waited for them to arrive, we managed to stem the flow of oil by blocking the culvert with mud,"

When the Environmental Protection Unit arrived, they used spill control equipment such as absorbent booms to soak up the spilled liquid to minimise the environmental impact.

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