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Oil spill on lake in Swindon causes residents concern

An oil spill on a lake in Swindon has caused alarm for residents after it took some time to be checked and cleaned.

The spill, on a lake in Stratton, was noticed by residents last Tuesday when a thick layer of oil was seen floating on the surface of the water. The oil had been there for some time as it was also around the lake banks and covering the surrounding rocks and trees.

Swindon council are responsible for the upkeep of the lake and when they received notice of the occurrence contacted the Environment Agency for advice. One resident commented that the fish in the lake were gasping for breath and the ducks were covered in oil.

A spokesperson for Swindon Council stated:

“We initially contacted the Environment Agency for some advice and, after considering it, they decided it was a matter we could deal with ourselves which resulted in a slight delay to the clear-up operation.

“Our contractors have been out to the site and have put down some absorbent matting to soak up any excess oil.

“We suspect someone dropped an oil drum in the water and this was the cause of the pollution.”

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