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Oil spill kits are a necessity in a company that deal with hydrocarbons

There are many companies that deal with liquids on an everyday basis. Spills in such places are very common. In some cases, the spills of certain liquids could prove dangerous to the storage area or environment. Not only will the storage place be ruined but the person working there could be harmed as well. This is why it is imperative that such companies make use of spill kits.

Spill kits are of various types. The most common ones are oil spill kits. These types of kits are the ‘only oil’ type. They are used to clean hydrocarbons like gasoline, hydraulic oil, motor oil, jet fuel, and diesel. Businesses that work around a lot of oil have to have spill kits present.

When you get an oil spill kit for your requirements make sure you purchase the right size. Also take a note of the requirements of your business. The absorbent should be of the right kind. If you deal with hydrocarbons, the spill kit must be the ‘only oil’ type.

The pads, absorbents and socks are usually of white colour. The size that you choose will depend on the volume of spill you need to clean. Prior to making a purchase, remember to take these factors into consideration.

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