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Oil spill contaminates Bury St Edmunds river

Approximately 5,000 gallons of oil has been spilled into a river in Bury St Edmunds causing significant damage.

The River Lark was polluted by red diesel from a nearby industrial estate, which affected the waterway for around 2.5 miles to the Suffolk Golf & Country Club.

The Environment Agency are on the scene and are using absorbent booms and absorbent pads to try to soak up some of the oil and stop it spreading.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency stated:

"So far, it's been contained although it is a fairly significant stretch."

Luckily thick reeds are stopping the oil spreading much further, but there is already significant damage done.

The spokesperson further commented:

"The River Lark has suffered from quite low flows recently and this spill is going to exacerbate any problems.

"We're seeing some fish dying, but hopefully we're going to minimise that."

The Environment Agency has launched a full investigation and is hopeful they will find the perpetrators.

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