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Oil spill closes roads in Greater Manchester

An oil spill after a crash left roads closed in Stockport, Greater Manchester last week. A large amount of oil was spilt from an Audi TT after the car was involved in an incident on Newbridge Lane last Tuesday.

The accident happened when the car careered over a ramp and the front of the vehicle crashed into a metal grid ripping off the sump plug underneath the vehicle. The engine oil leaked from the vehicle into the road which caused the road to be closed while a clean-up operation took place.

Both the woman driver and her passenger were taken to hospital and were treated for shock; the driver also suffered cuts to her face.

The fire brigade attended the incident and closed sections of the road between St Mary’s Way and New Zealand Road while the vehicle recovery and clean-up took place. The incident happened at around 1pm and the roads were reopened at around 5pm.

Spill control equipment

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