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Oil drum trolleys

Moving drums on site can be difficult, with many devices used for moving drums cumbersome to use and impossible to find when you need them. A better solution is to use a drum trolley that can also be used as a storage location for the drum.

Bunded drum trolleys are the perfect device to use to transport individual drums to different locations on site. They have large wheels so can be pulled along easily and are made from chemical resistant polyethylene.

If a drum trolley is bunded, you don’t have to worry about the drum leaking. The bund capacity on bunded drum trolleys is 230 litres, so they are easily able to collect all the spilled liquid from a 205 litre standard sized drum.

Any device that you can use to make work activities on site more efficient and hence safer is worth looking at, and a bunded drum trolley is one device that does just this. Because they are fitted with large wheels, they can be pulled to locations around the site for maintenance activities and to and from your cargo bay when a new drum is delivered or the old drum is due for collection.

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