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Oil drum storage solutions

If you use liquid storage or container drums at your industrial site, you will need to have provision to contain spills from the drums if a spill were to occur. The days when the drums were left around at the facility for users to take liquid when they wanted have long gone. Oil drum storage solutions have now been designed so you can keep all your drums together so the contents can be easily dispensed. Some also have liquid containment devices under the drums so any leaks, drips or spills from the drums can be safely contained.

Drum racking systems must conform to the oil storage regulations 2001 and are available in either polyethylene or a steel framing system.

Dispensing of liquids such as oil is an everyday activity at industrial facilities and the liquids used at these sites should be on tap whenever they are needed. However, to make sure that employees stay safe and to make sure that all the liquids are kept within a contained environment, the usage of drum storage racks should be adopted to stay in line with health and safety requirements.

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