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Office recycling bins and pods

Over the last few years the UK has seen a recycling revolution; waste that would in the past have simply gone to landfill is now recycled on a countrywide scale.

Businesses and homeowners in the UK are now more environmentally aware than ever and demand the latest environmental recycling solutions for their homes and offices. And to back-up this trend, manufacturers have been bringing out a host of different recycling products for them to use to collect their waste.

Recycling bins are now available in a wide range of designs and are manufactured to specifically deal with a certain recyclable component. Some examples of specific types of recycle bins available include eco-bottle recycle bins, which have a specific lid that is designed for bottles to be pushed through. Some bottle bins even have a removable flask that is built into the bin design. Users can then empty any liquid contents of their bottle into the flask before depositing the bottle into the bin.

Other types of recycle bins that are available include can recycling banks, indoor cup recycling bins, paper recycling bins and ink toner and cartridge recycling bins.

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