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North Sea collision results in fuel spill

A collision between a tanker and a container ship in the North Sea has seen paraffin leak from one of the vessels. The accident happened 30km from Schevenbingen off the Dutch coast.

The accident occurred at 7am local time on the 13th of October when the Mindoro tanker, of Greek origin, was holed by the Cypriot container ship. The spill, at water level, caused some the Minora’s cargo of jet fuel to leak into the sea.

A Dutch coastguard spokesperson said the spill had been brought under control quickly.

He stated:

"There is no longer any leakage of the jet fuel,

"There was some leakage, a small trail of about three nautical miles, but it's very light material and it's evaporating very soon, so there is no danger for the environment."

The cause of the collision remains unclear, but weather conditions and sea conditions did not play a part in the collision as both were calm at the time of the accident. The Mindoro’s cargo was transferred to another vessel and the Cypriot container vessel, although damaged in the incident, was able to steam back to Rotterdam.

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