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New Spilkleen Super Plus 6kg

Spilkleen Super Plus


More often than not, absorbent granule products can have many undesirable qualities, namely an off-putting odour and all too messy dust particles that arise from using such a product. So at Yellow Shield, we have been looking to introduce a superior granule that can be utilised mainly indoors for absorbing spills of oil, fuel, cutting fluids and mild chemicals that dispels these problems and we believe we have found it.

New Spilkleen Super Plus is a lightweight granule made from 100% recycled paper, (so already proving an environmentally friendly alternative to other absorbent granule products), that is more importantly odourless and virtually dust free. No longer will you have to endure the choking dust clouds and malodourous trace that emanates from inferior absorbent granules at arms length, you can deploy the Spilkleen Super Plus, safe in the knowledge that these unwanted by-products will not be an issue.

But how much can a paper based granule absorb? Well, up to three times the amount that a clay based granule can and with none of the unsought problems associated with other types of granules. In fact, a 30 litre bag of Spilkleen Super Plus can absorb an incredible 24 Litres of liquid, representing a 250% higher absorbency rate than clay based granules. This is why we feel that Spilkleen Super Plus is the complete indoor absorbent, offering a highly effective product at an extremely competitive price.

To purchase or learn more about about Spilkleen Super Plus then click the image above.

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