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New pollution control vessel commissioned

A specialist anti-spill vessel has been commissioned by the Mumbai government to control pollution and stop its damaging effects affecting marine life.

The spill control vessel will patrol the waters off the Mumbai coast and is much needed if the recent oil spill in the area is anything to go by. The vessel, which will be manned by ten officers and ten sailors, will be called the ICGS Samundra Prahari. It was commissioned by senior members of the Maharastra government including chief minister Ashok Chavan and Western Naval Command vice admiral Sanjeev Bhasin.

Bhasin stated:

"Samudra Prahari will be deployed extensively for EEZ surveillance and such other duties. Because of heavy trade, the possibility of accidents leading to marine pollution cannot be ruled out. In such cases, this vessel will be useful."

The ship will contain a myriad of spill control and containment equipment including booms and dispersants. And will be the coast's first line of defence against spills in the region.

Being the Indian Coast Guard’s first pollution control vessel, it remains to be seen what effect the ship will have on pollution in the area, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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