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New Compact 75 Litre Wheelie Bins

All wheelie bins sold within the UK of volumes 60 Litres or higher tend to be at least 850mm in height. Although this is not a detrimental feature of these standard wheelie bins what it does not permit is for the user to be able to store their waste to their own convenience. If there was a wheelie bin that was compact enough to conceal underneath workbenches or a desk then a myriad of storage choices would become available.


Well now there is such an option. The new 75 Litre Wheelie Bins from Yellow Shield is sufficiently compact and versatile at only 660mm in height for users to consider the further alternatives when storing their wheelie bins. No longer would your wheelie bin serve as a cumbersome and obstructive object that caused a hindrance to working practices but more a convenient and adequate tool for waste storage.

Enhancing their innovativeness in the market even further, these bins weigh in at only 5.6kg ; so if you wanted to use this wheelie bin in a mobile capacity then it is lightweight enough to be lifted on and off vehicles to provide waste storage while on the move.


To learn more about the benefits of these distinctive wheelie bins then simply click on the images above, to purchase click the link and select add to cart.

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