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Neutralising chemical spills

Every industrial site which uses chemicals as part of their every day activities needs to make sure that they have procedures in place to cope with a chemical spill. There will most likely be strict guidelines on how the chemicals are stored on site and how the chemicals are used. But in the worst case scenario, and a spill does occur, the site also needs to make sure they have a contingency plan to keep employees safe.

Many industrial sites now have a range of different spill absorbents on site to cope with liquid spills of an oil or chemical nature. There are also a range of different chemical neutralisation products available, which can be used on the chemical spill before it causes damage to the environment or an individual.

Chemical neutralising products

Chemical neutralising products are designed to either cope with spills of an acid, alkali or bleach. Most are manufactured in powder format so an exact quantity can be used on the spill. And the better ones change colour when the chemical spill has been neutralised.

After a chemical spill has been treated with a chemical neutralising spill product, the residue is considered environmentally benign so can be disposed of in the usual way.

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