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Molten aluminium spilled from factory

Oil spills and fuel spills can be difficult to clean up and completely remove the spilled liquid. So what happens when fifty tonnes of molten aluminium are spilled?

That’s just what happened at a foundry in Shropshire last week. Fire crews were called to the incident at Bridgnorth Aluminium at 11 pm on Sunday when it was reported that the molten liquid had leaked from a furnace. They remained on the scene for 8 hours trying to contain and control the spill and ensuing fire.

Four fire crews were called to the incident from fire stations in Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Newport and Telford. The incident at the factory on Old Worcester Road was quickly brought under control and although there were potentially explosive oxygen and acetylene cylinders located at the scene, they were not involved in the blaze that ensued.

While containing a molten aluminium spill might be considered little tricky, spills of oil and fuel can easily be contained and absorbed by the excellent spill control products currently on the market. There are spill pads, pillows and socks that can all be used to aid the collection of a spilled liquid and for larger spills, spill containment booms and barriers can offer an excellent spill control solution.

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