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Mobile safety steps and platforms

Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer and the employee. Employers must make sure that the equipment they have on site is of a standard that is safe to use when needed and employees need to make sure when using equipment that it is not damaged in any way and is suitable and safe for the job which they are doing.

Mobile safety steps are used at just about every industrial site, from providing access to change a light bulb to providing access for general maintenance tasks.

Safety steps and platforms are available in a range of heights suitable for different applications. When a worker is going to work at height for long periods of time scaffold towers or aluminium podiums may be safer than a set of steps. However, for one-off situations steps provide a suitable solution. One of the most important features of a set of steps is them being lightweight. Lightweight steps are easy to carry from place to place but are also extremely durable and hardwearing so can be used in even the toughest environments. In situations like this aluminium steps work really well.

For those who work in warehouses, steps are an invaluable tool which are used every day. The steps may only feature a few rungs, but provide a solution to reach items that are sited out of reach.

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