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Mobile mopping systems

For large industrial sites a simple mop and bucket may simply not be enough to cope with the amount of cleaning which needs to be done on a daily basis. The organised cleaning of a site needs a more specific solution, so the person carrying out the cleaning duties has all the necessary equipment with him.

Mobile cleaning stations are a dedicated cleaning station and cleaning management system in one that can be taken with the cleaner wherever he goes. Comprising of a trolley fitted with a host of liquid and product trays, the unit can be equipped to deal with just about anything you want.

Numatic cleaning stations

A standard mobile cleaning station from Numatic comes with two five litre pails and twin half trays. Also included are 18 litre and 12 litre large sized pails and a sack holder which can hold 120 litres of waste. The system uses a system which separates dirty and clean water easily, making your mopping tasks easy and giving you the best results every time.

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