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Mobile equipment spill containment devices

If you need to use mobile equipment such as generators you will know the propensity that these devices have of leaking fuel oil and lubricating liquids. And with regulations now so tight concerning spills of such types of liquids you need to make sure that if a spill occurs, it does not affect the area where the mobile device is being used.

In the past drip trays were used to solve problems like this, but with large pieces of machinery they were not so practical because the oil drip tray was sometimes larger than the equipment itself. So, as a solution to this problem, the Plant Nappy™ has been developed.

The Plant Nappy™ is a new type of spill containment device that fits neatly under the equipment that you are using. Any spills are contained within the nappy and because you use replaceable nappy liners, the device can be used again and again.

One of the best things about the Plant Nappy™ is that it can be used outside as well as inside. The spill containment walls are made out of a unique filter material that will allow water to escape but keep oil or fuel spills within the device.

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