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Miniature spill kits

There are a huge range of spill kits available which are suitable for just about every size and type of spill. The smallest kits are capable of dealing with a spill of just a few litres of spilled solution. However, the largest kits, which usually come in a wheelie bin container, can be capable of absorbing and hence cleaning anywhere in the region of around 1,200 litres of liquid spill.

If you only need small spill kits on site, a mini spill kit is defiantly worth a look. Mini spill kits are capable of absorbing around 10 litres of liquid and are the perfect kit to keep in your car or even at specific locations around your industrial plant.

Soaking up an oil spill is made easy with a mini spill kit. The spill kit can even work in environments where there is a chance of water contamination, as only oil will be soaked up by the spill kit, leaving the water to run through the absorbent material. This makes these kits excellent to use when oil has found its way into a drain.

Because they are small in size, a mini spill kit is also easy on your pocket making them a sound investment for all types of businesses.

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