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Methods to control spills - Absorbent granules

It’s a fact of life that at just about every industrial site there will be at some point in time a liquid spill from the plant’s machinery. Newer equipment is of course less prone to spills of lubricating fluid, but for older machines whose gaskets and seals are old, small leaks may become commonplace.

For machines which are not in the best state of repair, it is the responsibility of the company to make sure that any oil spills or leaks from the machine are cleaned up as quickly as possible before injury to an employee occurs. And to do this appropriate steps need to be taken to control the spill before it worsens and an appropriate substance used to soak up the spilled liquid.

Using absorbent granules

Spill granules are one of the best methods to use to clean up unforeseen spills from industrial machinery. They can be kept close to the site of potential leaks and can be used in an appropriate quantity to deal with the size of the leak you have. This also makes absorbent granules really cost-effective, as only the amount needed is ever used.

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