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Mechanical drip solutions

It’s not uncommon for an old mechanical device to drip or leak a little oil, and one of the worst culprits in situations like this are old generators.

Old generators are notoriously ‘dirty’ pieces of equipment to use, but even though they are known for drips or leaks, any liquid spills from equipment of this type needs to be captured so that it does not come into contact with the surrounding environment.

One of the simplest ways of catching leaks or drips from a machine is to use a drip tray. A drip tray is a simple device which can sit under the machinery when it is being used and the oil or other fluid leak can be collected so it does not affect the surrounding environment. Some commonly used drip trays include Polyethylene drip trays, drum trays, drip pans and even worksurface drip trays.

There comes a problem however when a machine which is being used outside drips liquid. A drip tray can still be used outside, but it will not just collect the drips from the machine; it will also collect rain water. A solution to this problem is the Plant Nappy. A Plant Nappy is a spill containment device which catches the drips from a leaky machine but lets rainwater through. This means the nappy will not overflow and all contamination from the spilled liquid will be collected.

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