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Material handling equipment – pallet trucks

If you use IBCs or other heavy liquid storage containers you will need some way to transport them around the factory or just manoeuvre them into position. Most of these containers come supplied on pallets so a forklift may be able to do some of the initial hard work for you. But a forklift cannot always get into hard to reach places or places with limited head-height. The tool to use here of course is a pallet truck.

Hand pallet trucks

Hand pallet trucks are easy to operate and the pump action means loads can be lifted effortlessly. The hydraulic system on these trucks can lift the forks in 12mm increments up to around 120mm in height.

Other benefits include:

• Leak proof hydraulic system

• 210 degree turning radius

• Over load valve

• Controlled rate of descent lowering system

• Fork width – 160mm

• Dual hand lever pedals

• Dual foot pedals

Hydraulic high lift pallet trucks

These trucks are perfect to use to load and unload IBCs from trucks. The strong telescopic lifting jack makes lifting pallets easy so no manual assistance is needed.

Some specifications include:

• 210 degree turning circle

• Grease proof fittings

• Controlled rate of descent lowering system

• Over load valve

• Fork width – 160mm

• Capacity – 1000kg

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