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Marine and watercourse absorbents

There are many occasions when an absorbent is needed which will not absorb water but instead will just absorb an oil or fuel based spillage.

If an oil spill is found in a lake, a river or at sea, an absorbent material must be used which can absorb the oil and will not be affected by the vast quantities of water surrounding the absorbent material.

Oil collecting pom poms

Being able to collect huge volumes of heavy oils makes oil absorbent pom poms one of the best spill control devices to use on the coastline. The pom poms absorb up to 30 times their own weight in oil and because they repel water, you can be sure that only the oil will be collected. The pom poms are made from polypropylene fibres and come in three different sizes capable of holding up to 220 litres of spilled liquid.

Absorbent booms

Absorbent booms can be used on rivers or other watercourses to soak up oil and debris from the water surface. The booms float on the water surface and can be connected together to form a long barrier to stop oil further contaminating a protected area.

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