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Manage chemical leaks easily with appropriate sump pallets

Sump pallets are one of the most important units which are commonly used at places where oil, chemicals and fuels are used or stored. They are also known as secondary containment units. Sump pallets are designed specially in such a way they can easily contain drips, leaks and spills from drums plus bulk containers.

Significance of sump pallets

Once a container is placed on a sump pallet then any kind of leakage or spillage can be easily blocked. This feature helps in preventing discharges of hazardous chemicals into drainage systems and the surrounding environment. By doing this, sump pallets have become a valuable asset to have to help reduce risk of pollution. Moreover, they also help in preventing damage to a floor and the people who are working around these chemicals.

Sump pallets are known for their durability which means that they can be used for a long period of time. All the pallets are well tested and will be guaranteed to be a 100% leak proof.

How to choose a perfect sump pallet?

At present, you will find several types of sump pallets which are used for containing various leaks. While buying, you need to consider the nature of the chemical which is used at your factory or industrial plant.

Currently, steel sump pallets are gaining popularity amongst the users, as they are strong enough for containing more corrosive liquids. Steel sump pallets are manufactured for heavy loads and they are stronger and more rugged than other pallets. These features make them perfect for a multitude of industrial situations.

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