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Make provision for untoward spills

Many industrial sites now have spill kits available to soak up liquid spills should they occur. However, many sites still don’t have the necessary equipment to stop a spilled liquid entering the general waste water network.

If spilled liquid were to enter the waste water sewer it could pose a serious hazard to the environment. And the Environment Agency takes a dim view of the occasional spills that find their way into the drains, making sure that the perpetrators are found and prosecuted.

To stop spilled liquid entering a drain you can use emergency drain covers. There’s a wide range available:

Plug Rugs

Plug rugs are a mouldable drain cover which can be adapted to fit most sizes and shapes of drains and gullies. They work especially well on old drains where the surface may be eroded or uneven. Plug rugs create an instant seal to stop spilled liquid entering the drainage system.

Polyurethane covers

Polyurethane covers are slightly sticky so can seal a drain quickly and easily. They are a multi-use type of drain cover and can be used time and time again after washing.

Neoprene covers

The cheapest way to stop spilled liquid entering a drain is to use a neoprene drain cover. These covers can be used on a variety of surfaces and can be used numerous times.

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