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Liquid spill from lorry on A59

A liquid spill from a lorry in North Yorkshire caused a busy roundabout on the A59 to be closed last Wednesday evening.

The roundabout on the A59, which is the one that links the road with the M1 motorway at Allerton Park, was closed at about 6.15pm after a red liquid was spilled after a package fell off the back of a lorry. The road in question is one of North Yorkshire’s busiest, so huge delays were caused by the closure.

Specialist spill control and monitoring equipment had to be brought to the scene from West Yorkshire so the spill could be analysed before being cleaned. It was not known if the spilled liquid contained chemicals or if it was hazardous to health.

The Environment Agency attended the scene along with the police and fire crews from nearby stations.

Spill control equipment

Having the right spill control equipment to hand is of paramount importance. In cases such as the above, specialist equipment needed to be used to clean the spill so it was safe to open the road again. If you have hazardous chemicals at your industrial site, it’s worth investing in the right spill control equipment such as absorbents to deal with the hazardous substance should you have a spill.

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