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Leak sealing and leak stopping products

In some situations when a leak presents a hazard to a protected area, or a leak needs to be stopped quickly, it is sometimes easier and quicker to deploy a temporary leak sealing or leak stopping device until the point of failure can be repaired.

Inflatable pipe seal bags

When a leak of a hazardous substance has found its way into a drain, an inflatable pipe seal bag can be inserted into the drainage pipe to stop the flow or leak. The bags are quick to inflate and are available in four different sizes, suitable for use in emergency situations.

Leak seal and repair paste

Leak sealant and repair paste can plug hazardous fuel and liquid leaks. It sticks to dirty and greasy surfaces and is perfect to use in an emergency situation. The leak seal putty can even be applied directly to a leaking vessel to stop the fluid leaking out, and can remain in situ for around two days.

Polyurethane leak barriers

If you need to stop a liquid spill from further contaminating a protected area, a leak barrier is a good device to use. The barrier can be placed on a smooth floor surface and the height of the barrier will stop the liquid in its tracks. Polyurethane leak barriers are usable more than once and are resistant to water, oil and most chemicals.

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