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Large drip trays

Drip trays are used in just about every industrial environment to collect the drips and leaks from equipment on site. Drip trays can also be used as a place to position and store liquid containers whilst they are being used to collect drips, which may otherwise run down the sides of the containers whilst they are being used.

Drip trays for work surfaces

Those people who work with liquids on a daily basis will need some form of drip tray positioned on their work surface to catch the drips that are an everyday part of their job. The tray can be a suitable place to store oil cans, liquid lubricant tubs or even aerosol cans or other types of liquid containers from which there may be an accidental spill.

Heavy duty drip trays

Drip trays made from materials such as steel and polyethylene are inherently strong and user friendly. Steel drip trays are very robust and can be used in harsh environments or places where other types of drip trays might not withstand the rigours of day-to-day use. Polyethylene drip trays are also robust, but are lightweight and hence easy to move between different spill locations.

With all drip trays you can use absorbent pads in the tray to soak up the spilled liquid.

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