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Large capacity bunded fuel tanks

Bunded fuel tanks are now built to conform to the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and OFTEC OFS T200 standards.

Five thousand litre capacity oil storage tanks are the ideal type of bunded fuel tank to have at your industrial site to fulfil many fuel storage and filling solutions. They are perfect for scenarios such as:

• The refuelling of fuel powered vehicles such as fork lift trucks

• Refuelling of plant machinery and equipment

• The bulk containment of paraffin, diesel or kerosene

Some bunded fuel storage tanks with a capacity in excess of 5,000 litres also come with fuel pump, automatic shut off nozzle, fuel gauge, a fuel filter and a flow metre.

Bunded fuel tanks and stations manufactured in steel can store fuel in quantities from about 500 litres up to about 60,000 litres, meaning you should be able to find something suitable for your application.

If you need your old tank decommissioning and the new tank installing, this can also be done by some specialist fuel tank suppliers, who will do everything in accordance with current regulations. Bunded fuel tanks can also be purchased in a polyethylene construction which is equally as hard wearing as steel.

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