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Keep your storage area clean with spill containment pallets

Does your storage area have oil drums or other liquid containers that you need to keep safe? Spill containment pallets can be useful tools in this situation to make sure that your storage area remains dry and any spills are contained. Storage areas where spills occur can be hazardous. For example, the storage area can become extremely damp if any liquid is spilled, hence it becomes very slippery.

Storage chemicals can be hazardous to touch as well as breathe. These chemicals can also pose a fire hazard. Thus, it is important to clean up spills as soon as they occur.

Spill containment:

• Spill containment pallets usually come in the form of pallets that have containment units underneath them for catching spills. By simply placing the items on such pallets, you will not need to worry about future spills.

• You can use optional ramps on the side of the pallet to load heavy drums onto the spill containment pallets. This greatly helps to reduce the possibilities of having spills during unloading or loading.

• High-quality units tend to have sufficient capacity in each pallet. Thus, the contents of a leaking drum can be instantly contained.

When it comes to purchasing spill containment pallets, you must look for low profile ones that enable easy placement and removal of storage drums. You should always use heavy duty polyethylene construction pallets for the most effective results.

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