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Keep your employees safe, use the right safety equipment

It’s really important to make a profit if you are a business owner, but the profit you make should not be at the detriment to your employees. Ensuring your workers stay healthy and happy will make your business a better place to work and may also lead to greater profit margins.

Thousands of employees are made ill every year by being exposed to hazardous substances. And the costs incurred can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. These costs are separated between different sections of society, with us as taxpayers meeting some of these costs by contributing to disability allowances and allowances for medicines. The costs are also met by industry who have to replace the injured worker and of course the employer who has to pay the injured worker whist off sick and also for any rehabilitation if it was found the employer was not following safe working practices.

As an employer you are responsible for the health and safety of all your employees. And it is your duty as an employer to use correct working practices, train your employees in using hazardous substances and provide them with appropriate safety equipment and the right type of equipment to do their jobs properly.

Introducing work items such as drum storage units that protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals and spill kits so that any spills from liquid drums are quickly controlled, are just two ways by which you can make a difference.

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