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Install bunded oil tanks for storing oil and fuel safely

Bunded oil tanks are popularly used in many factories and industrial plants where large amounts of fuel and chemicals are stored. If you have a factory where you need to manage chemicals then install bunded oil tanks. These oil tanks are different from other ordinary tanks, as a bunded oil tank also comes with an internal tank. The area which is around the inner tank is known as the bund.

Compared to other types of tanks, bunded oil tanks are extremely safe. Currently, the UK’s environmental agency wants all companies to install a bunded oil tank for safety reasons. If you are planning to buy a new bunded oil tank then you need to know about different materials used to manufacture them.

What are the materials used to manufacture bunded oil tanks?

At present, you will find bunded oil tanks which are made from steel. This material helps the tanks to withstand severe conditions easily. One of the best things about these tanks is that they can be placed on an uneven surface which does not have a sturdy or concrete base.

Other than steel, even high quality polyethylene is used for making bunded oil tanks. These tanks also offer several benefits, are very cost effective and require little maintenance. Moreover, they are corrosion free and UV stabilised, so you can select a type which best suits your requirements.

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