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Industrial wheelie bins solutions

It’s important that every industrial site takes the collection of waste seriously. Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, right from domestic establishments up to the largest factories. And to achieve a good recycling performance, people have to be educated on what is and what isn’t recyclable.

Most people at home now have a number of different coloured bins in which they dispose of general waste, paper waste, glass or plastic bottles and even food waste or garden waste. Unfortunately industry is slow to catch on to this trend and many sites still dispose of all their waste together. However – there is a solution to this.

There is now a wide range of different industrial wheelie bins available which come in a huge array of sizes and colours to cope with various types of waste. All these bins can be used with the compactors you have on site or the compacting machines used by waste collection operatives and most feature easy to use push or pull handles and are fitted with wheels.

Wheelie bin colours available include grey, blue, red, yellow, brown and green so all your recyclables can be sorted before collection. The bins are made from heavy duty polyethylene or durable stainless steel for added strength and can go a long way to improve your site’s environmental credentials.

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